Alabama Supreme Court Ruling Sparks Debate on Unborn Child Support

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The House Judiciary Committee recently turned down a proposal introduced by Sen. Merika Coleman, D-Pleasant Grove, which aimed to mandate parents to pay child support for an unborn child.

SB 237, brought forward by Coleman, would have made child support orders issued within the first year after a child’s birth retroactive for nine months before the child’s birth.

Coleman argued that since the state recognizes life as beginning at conception, support should also begin during pregnancy. This proposal arose following a recent Alabama Supreme Court ruling that classified frozen embryos as “children,” affecting in vitro fertilization practices in the state.

Coleman, known for her advocacy of abortion rights, faced opposition in the past for her stance against anti-abortion legislation. Despite unanimous approval in the Senate, the bill failed to garner enough support in the House Judiciary Committee.

While some committee members agreed with retroactive child support after birth, concerns were raised about imposing financial burdens on fathers, especially if they were unaware of the pregnancy. Coleman emphasized the responsibility of parents to support their children, but the measure ultimately did not pass the committee vote.

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