Ayo Edebiri Dating: A Closer Look at Her Romantic Life

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Written By Katie Cowper

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Ayo Edebiri is having a standout year in Hollywood, with notable roles in The Bear, Bodies Bodies Bodies, and Inside Out 2. As her fame rises, so does the curiosity about her personal life, particularly her dating history. Despite her growing popularity, Edebiri has kept her relationships very private. Here’s a closer look at what we know about her romantic life.

The Confirmed Relationship with Colin Burgess

Ayo Edebiri’s only publicly confirmed relationship is with actor and comedian Colin Burgess. They’ve kept the details of their romance, such as when they started dating and their current status, mostly under wraps. However, there have been a few glimpses into their relationship.

In February 2021, Burgess posted a selfie with Edebiri on Instagram, captioning it, “After much consideration, I have decided that this year my valentine is my girlfriend Ayo.

This is a photo of us together doing Dr. Jart+ Water Jet Vital Hydra Solution™ sheet mask.” In September 2022, Burgess accompanied Edebiri to the Emmys, where she was a first-time presenter. He shared photos from the evening on Instagram, celebrating her achievement.

Relationship Rumors with Jeremy Allen White

Fans have speculated about Ayo Edebiri’s relationship with her *The Bear* co-star Jeremy Allen White. In May 2024, a video surfaced showing them at a Chicago Cubs game, where White was seen rubbing Edebiri’s back, sparking rumors of a potential romance.

In a Vanity Fair cover story, both White and Edebiri discussed their relationship. White said, “We really enjoy each other in life, on camera and off camera.

I have a tremendous amount of respect for her as a person and as an artist.” Edebiri added, “Work can be a very intimate thing and a very personal thing and a very emotional thing…Also, boy’s got some beautiful blue eyes. You know what I mean? Those are eyes you want to project onto.”

Despite the speculation, both actors have denied any romantic involvement, stressing their professional and friendly relationship.

Friendship with Paul Mescal

Edebiri has also been linked to All of Us Strangers star Paul Mescal. On St. Patrick’s Day 2024, she posted a selfie with Mescal on her Instagram Story, showing them laughing together. This led some fans to wonder about a possible romance.

However, a source told *People* that they are “just friends.” There’s also speculation that the photo might hint at an upcoming rom-com adaptation of one of Emily Henry’s books, as Mescal has expressed interest in working with Edebiri on such a project.

Moving Forward

Ayo Edebiri continues to keep her personal life private, focusing on her flourishing career in Hollywood. While fans are curious about her romantic life, Edebiri prefers to let her work speak for itself. As of now, there are no confirmed updates about her current relationship status.

In summary, Ayo Edebiri’s dating history includes a confirmed relationship with Colin Burgess and speculative links with Jeremy Allen White and Paul Mescal. She remains dedicated to maintaining her privacy, choosing to keep her personal life out of the public eye.

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