Cory Hardrict Divorce: Family Update After Tia Mowry Split

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Written By Katie Cowper

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Cory Hardrict, known for his role in “All American: Homecoming,” has been navigating life after his divorce from actress Tia Mowry. Their 14-year marriage came to an end in April 2023, but the couple has made it clear that their primary focus remains on their children and maintaining a positive co-parenting relationship.

Family Focus at the BET Awards

Recently, Cory Hardrict attended the 2024 BET Awards with his and Tia Mowry’s 13-year-old son, Cree. Walking the red carpet, Cory opened up about his life since the divorce, sharing how he’s been motivated and focused.

“God’s grace and a lot of patience,” he said, emphasizing the importance of these qualities in helping him move forward. He also highlighted the inspiration he gets from his children, which keeps him determined to stay positive and proactive.

Maintaining Family Bonds

Even though Cory and Tia are no longer together, they continue to share a strong family bond. “Everything is fine. Everyone loves everybody,” Cory assured.

He and Tia also have a 6-year-old daughter, Cairo. Despite their separation, they work together to ensure their children are happy and well taken care of. This commitment to their children shows that, even in the face of personal challenges, they are dedicated to maintaining a sense of unity and family.

Professional and Personal Growth

In addition to his focus on family, Cory is also making strides in his professional life. He’s set to star alongside Meagan Good in the upcoming film “Divorce in the Black.” While this new role reflects some aspects of his real-life experience, Cory remains focused on positivity and personal growth.

“I stay still, I just do the work,” he said, sharing that prayer, meditation, and avoiding negativity help him stay grounded. This approach allows him to concentrate on his career and personal development without getting distracted by the noise around him.

Cree’s Future Aspirations

At the BET Awards, Cory and Cree made a stylish appearance, wearing matching designs by AMIRI. Cree, who often features in his mother’s TikTok videos, revealed his dream of becoming a professional basketball player. Cory proudly supported his son’s ambitions, saying, “Look out, my son’s coming.”

This father-son moment on the red carpet highlighted the close bond they share and Cory’s commitment to encouraging his children’s dreams and aspirations.

Positive Co-Parenting Dynamics

Despite the end of their marriage, Cory and Tia have maintained a peaceful co-parenting relationship. Cory shared that their focus is on “walking with love” and taking care of their children, even as they navigate the challenges of divorce.

He emphasized the importance of blocking out the noise and staying true to what is real. This approach has allowed them to co-parent effectively, ensuring their children feel loved and supported by both parents.


Cory Hardrict’s journey post-divorce from Tia Mowry is a testament to his commitment to family and personal growth. By prioritizing their children and maintaining a positive co-parenting dynamic, Cory and Tia demonstrate that it’s possible to handle the challenges of divorce with grace and unity.

Their story shows that even after a significant life change, focusing on what truly matters – their children’s well-being and their personal growth – can lead to a positive and fulfilling future.

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