Gray Wolves Expand Territory Eastward in Colorado

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Yesterday, Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) shared some updates with the public about 10 gray wolves that were brought from Oregon and released in Colorado last winter. They said that two of the wolves aren’t sending signals from their GPS collars anymore, and one wolf has passed away, probably from natural causes.

The United States Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) also commented on the dead wolf, mentioning they found it in Larimer County, CO. Since gray wolves are protected under the Endangered Species Act, they’re investigating the cause of death by doing a necropsy.

Until they finish the investigation, USFWS can’t confirm what happened to the wolf, but it seems like it wasn’t because of people. They did confirm, though, that the dead wolf was one of the ten released by Colorado Parks and Wildlife in December 2023.

After USFWS confirmed the dead wolf, CPW Director Jeff Davis told Colorado ranchers that he won’t allow killing a female wolf that attacked four cows in Grand County. He explained that she was probably taking care of her pups when the collar signal was lost, which is when wolves typically have babies.

Davis’ response came after ranchers in Grand County, Larimer County, and Jackson County asked Colorado Gov. Jared Polis and CPW to remove four wolves they believed were responsible for killing six cows in the past month.

Recent reports show that the wolves have moved eastward during April, spreading into Larimer County and north of Estes Park. CPW mentioned that reintroduced wolves have been seen in areas east of the Continental Divide and onto the Front Range.

Apart from the newly introduced wolves, Colorado has big elk herds, and hunters are worried about how the new wolf population will affect elk numbers once they settle in the state. CPW says they’ll keep updating the public about wolf movements but won’t send monthly wolf maps via email anymore.

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