Kim Plath Divorce: Official Filing and Custody Battle

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Written By Katie Cowper

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Kim Plath and Barry Plath, known from the reality show Welcome to Plathville, are officially ending their marriage. Kim took a significant step by filing for divorce on June 26, 2024, nearly two years after the couple first announced their separation.

After 24 years of marriage, they are now dealing with the practical and emotional complexities of finalizing their split, particularly concerning the custody of their children.

Official Divorce Filing

Kim, at 51, filed for divorce from Barry, her husband of 24 years, officially marking the end of their long union. This legal action follows their separation announcement in June 2022.

In the divorce papers, Kim labeled their marriage as “irretrievably broken,” with the official separation date recorded as December 23, 2021, just before Christmas. This filing formalizes their separation after two years of living apart and managing the emotional and practical challenges that came with it.

Custody and Financial Considerations

Kim is seeking primary custody of their three youngest children: Amber (15), Cassia (13), and Mercy (11). She is also requesting that Barry, who is currently employed, contribute to child support.

Alongside the three minor children, the couple has four older children—Ethan (26), Hosanna (24), Micah (23), Moriah (21), Lydia (20), and Isaac (18). They also had a son, Joshua, who passed away at 17 months old.

In addition to custody, Kim is asking for an equitable division of their marital assets and debts. This is a standard part of divorce proceedings where both parties seek a fair settlement of their shared financial responsibilities and property.

Impact on the Family

The Plath’s separation has been a central theme on Welcome to Plathville. Their marital issues and decision to live apart were prominently featured in Season 4. Barry has expressed feelings of betrayal and sadness over the breakup, while Kim has voiced her prolonged sense of hurt.

Kim has since started a new relationship with Ken Palmer, adding another layer of complexity to the public and private adjustments following their separation. Despite this, Kim and Barry have managed to maintain a united front for their children, celebrating important family milestones like Easter together.

Legal and Emotional Hurdles

Kim’s request for primary custody of the younger children has introduced additional challenges into the divorce proceedings. This request has raised concerns, especially considering Kim’s past legal issues, including a DUI arrest in 2022. These events have led to questions about her suitability as the primary caregiver.

Nevertheless, Kim and Barry’s commitment to co-parenting their children remains strong. They have continued to support each other in their roles as parents, which is reflected in their ability to celebrate family events together despite their personal differences.

Looking Forward

As Kim and Barry navigate their divorce, their focus is on resolving custody and financial matters amicably. The specifics of their custody arrangement and asset division will be finalized as the legal process continues.

Both Kim and Barry are expected to remain involved in Welcome to Plathville, where their ongoing personal and family dynamics will likely be explored in future episodes.


Kim and Barry Plath’s divorce marks the end of a significant chapter in their lives. With Kim’s recent filing and her requests for custody and financial settlements, they are working through the complexities of their split.

Their continued commitment to their children and their roles on Welcome to Plathville will influence both their public and private lives as they adjust to this new phase.

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