Kyle Richards Divorce: Navigating Separation with Respect

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Written By Katie Cowper

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Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky are navigating the complexities of life after announcing their separation a year ago. Though facing many challenges, the couple remains dedicated to their family and each other in their own unique ways.

Establishing Individual Lives

Kyle, 55, known for her role on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and Mauricio, 54, the founder of The Agency, are focusing on creating their own individual lives while staying connected as a family.

“After being in a routine for decades, they have had a lot to figure out while navigating their new normal,” a source told PEOPLE. While the separation has been tough, neither Kyle nor Mauricio is in a hurry to finalize a divorce. They are taking their time to adjust to this new phase of their lives.

Co-parenting with Love and Respect

The couple, who share four daughters, is committed to co-parenting with love, space, and respect. Despite their physical separation, they continue to support each other and their family.

“Going through a separation has been challenging enough that no one is rushing to get a divorce,” the source added. They are prioritizing their children’s well-being and ensuring that they maintain a strong family bond.

Moving Forward with Grace

Kyle and Mauricio announced their separation in July 2023, after 27 years of marriage. Despite the end of their marital relationship, they have made efforts to celebrate family occasions together. For instance, they celebrated Easter as a family, reflecting their commitment to maintaining a united front for their children.

Life Changes and Adjustments

In May, Kyle opened up about the changes in her life during an appearance on the Bitch Bible podcast. She shared that Mauricio had moved out, and the adjustment felt “strange” and made the separation feel very real.

“I’m a mom of four, I have a busy household. I’ve got six dogs right now. I’m used to having a lot of chaos and stuff going around at my house.

The day that he moved out was just strange because I came home and I was like, ‘Everything’s so quiet.'” This period of adjustment has been significant for Kyle, who is used to a bustling and chaotic household.

Continued Collaboration on RHOBH

Despite their separation, Mauricio is expected to appear on the upcoming season of RHOBH. During an Amazon Live session, Kyle mentioned, “I’m sure he will [appear] because you know he is obviously family.”

This ongoing collaboration underscores their commitment to their family’s public and private lives. They are finding ways to work together, even as they navigate their separate paths.


Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky are finding their way through their separation with a focus on family, respect, and individual growth. They are taking the time to adjust to their new normal and are committed to maintaining a positive co-parenting relationship.

Their journey highlights the possibility of moving forward with grace and unity, even amid significant personal changes. Through their dedication to their children and each other, Kyle and Mauricio are demonstrating that it is possible to navigate the challenges of separation while maintaining a strong and loving family dynamic.

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