Paul Mescal Dating: Rumors Spark with Gracie Abrams

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Written By Katie Cowper

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Paul Mescal, the charming actor from “Normal People,” and Gracie Abrams, the talented singer-songwriter, have sparked dating rumors after being spotted together in London. Their recent dinner date at BRAT restaurant has set off a wave of speculation among fans and media alike. Let’s dive into the details and see what’s fueling these rumors.

Spotted in London

On a recent Sunday evening, Paul Mescal and Gracie Abrams were seen enjoying dinner together at the trendy BRAT restaurant in London. TMZ published photos of the duo, showing them deeply engaged in conversation at a small table.

One of the more intriguing photos shows Paul reaching over to touch Gracie’s face, a gesture that has only added to the speculation about their relationship.

Eyewitness Details

An eyewitness at the restaurant revealed that Paul and Gracie seemed quite comfortable with each other, sharing several small plates throughout their meal. This cozy dinner date has left fans wondering if there’s more than just friendship between the “Normal People” actor and the “Us” singer.

Paul’s History of Relationship Rumors

This isn’t the first time Paul Mescal has found himself at the center of dating rumors this year. Back in March, he caused quite a stir when he posed for a selfie with “The Bear” actress Ayo Edebiri during St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.

Although neither Paul nor Ayo commented on the rumors, fans speculated that they might be working on a secret project together.

In May, Paul was linked to actress Natalie Portman following her divorce from Benjamin Millepied. However, sources were quick to clarify that they were just friends. Paul also had to contend with a bizarre TikTok rumor suggesting he was literally running away from dates and leaving them in a park, a claim that remains unverified.

Privacy Matters

After his very public breakup with musician Phoebe Bridgers in late 2022, Paul Mescal has chosen to keep his personal life more private. In a 2023 interview with Vanity Fair, he expressed his desire to keep his romantic life out of the spotlight.

“I definitely feel the temptation to say the status of my whatever—that will always be there. But I don’t think that’s a wise thing to do … moving forward as much as I can, that’s going to be my life that is private,” Paul stated.

Gracie Abrams’ Love Life

Gracie Abrams has also kept her dating life relatively low-key. She previously dated songwriter Blake Slatkin for five years before their split in 2022. Since then, Gracie has been linked to actor Dylan O’Brien and DJ Hayes Bradley, but neither relationship was confirmed.

Fans Speculate

Fans have been quick to analyze every detail of Paul and Gracie’s interactions. Some have even pointed to Gracie’s song “Normal Thing,” which includes the lyrics, “It’s a normal thing to fall in love with movie stars,” as a possible hint at her rumored romance with Paul Mescal.

The song’s lyrics have fueled the fire of speculation among fans who are eager for any clue about the nature of their relationship.

Recent Sightings

Before his dinner with Gracie, Paul was seen at the Glastonbury Festival with his “Normal People” co-star Daisy Edgar-Jones and former co-stars Andrew Scott and Saoirse Ronan.

The group participated in a Q&A panel for “All of Us Strangers,” which added to the buzz around Paul’s personal and professional life. These sightings have kept fans on their toes, eagerly watching for any signs of romance between Paul and Gracie.

What’s Next?

While Paul Mescal and Gracie Abrams have not confirmed their relationship, their recent sightings and interactions have certainly fueled the rumor mill.

Both Paul and Gracie are in the public eye, and their fans are keenly interested in their personal lives. As they continue to navigate their careers and personal lives, it’s likely that fans and media will continue to speculate about their relationship status.


In conclusion, the dinner date at BRAT restaurant has certainly set tongues wagging. Whether Paul and Gracie are just friends or something more, their interactions have captured the attention of fans worldwide.

As they move forward, both Paul and Gracie seem committed to maintaining a degree of privacy, leaving fans to wonder and speculate about their possible romance.

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