Savannah James Dating: From High School Sweetheart to NBA Star’s Wife

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Savannah James recently showed off her great sense of humor in response to a viral joke about her husband, LeBron James. The joke, which made the rounds on social media, humorously suggested that LeBron was romantically involved with his new teammate’s mom after their son, Bronny James, was drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers.

Bronny James Joins the Lakers

Bronny James being selected by the Lakers with the 55th pick in the 2024 NBA Draft was a proud and emotional moment for the James family.

LeBron, in the midst of contract negotiations with the Lakers, was thrilled to see his son join the team. However, this milestone quickly became fodder for memes and jokes online, with the funniest one involving Savannah.

The Viral Joke

An internet user jokingly commented, “It has been discovered that LeBron James is sleeping with his newest teammate’s mom.” Savannah found this joke hilarious and responded with a laughing emoji on her Instagram stories, showing she can laugh along with the playful banter.

Family Joy and Challenges

Savannah James has always been a supportive and protective mother. She shed tears of joy when Bronny’s draft was announced, celebrating this monumental occasion with her family. Despite facing harsh criticism and accusations of nepotism, the James family has shown resilience.

Celebrating on Social Media

Bronny James, excited about his new journey, shared his joy on social media. He posted a video comparing his and his father’s basketball skills and shared multiple celebratory images and graphics to mark the achievement. His positive outlook amidst the criticism reflects his family’s strong support.

Savannah and LeBron’s Love Story

Savannah and LeBron James, high school sweethearts, have been married since 2013 and have three children: Bronny, Bryce, and Zhuri. Their strong bond and family values have been evident throughout their journey, from Savannah’s dreams in the early 2000s to seeing her husband and son become NBA teammates.

A Historic Achievement

The possibility of LeBron and Bronny playing together on the same team is unprecedented in NBA history. While LeBron could potentially leave the Lakers in free agency, the recent events suggest he is likely to stay and play alongside his son.

Overcoming Adversity

Bronny’s journey has not been without its challenges. Less than a year ago, he suffered a cardiac arrest during a practice session at USC, a terrifying experience for the family. Seeing him drafted by the Lakers was an emotional and triumphant moment for Savannah and the entire James family.

Addressing Nepotism Claims

Bronny’s draft to the Lakers has sparked debates about nepotism. Some critics argue that Bronny’s selection was influenced by his father’s status. ESPN analyst Adrian Wojnarowski defended Bronny, pointing out that nepotism is common in the NBA at all levels, including ownership, front offices, and coaching.


Savannah James’ reaction to the joke about LeBron highlights her good-natured spirit and the family’s ability to stay positive amidst public scrutiny. As Bronny embarks on his NBA career with the Lakers, the James family’s journey continues to captivate and inspire fans worldwide.

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