Shannen Doherty Dating: Navigating Love After Cancer and Divorce

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Written By Katie Cowper

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Shannen Doherty recently chatted with Kelly Ripa on the “Let’s Talk Off Camera” podcast, sharing her thoughts on dating while battling cancer and dealing with her divorce from ex-husband Kurt Iswarienko.

Known for her role in “Beverly Hills, 90210,” Shannen candidly discussed how her cancer diagnosis has left her feeling insecure and like a “hard sell” in the dating world.

Challenges of Dating with a Cancer Diagnosis

Shannen revealed that dating is particularly tough for her because potential partners might struggle with her health issues. “It’s hard to date someone when you know they might have an expiration date,” she said to Ripa. She added that most men find it difficult to handle topics like death and illness, which only makes dating more challenging for her.

Insecurities from Cancer Treatments

The actress also opened up about how her cancer treatments have left her with many scars, which has impacted her self-esteem. “I have so many scars from surgery that it’s like, how do you explain that?” she shared. This has made her feel more insecure about her body and herself as a woman.

Shannen Doherty’s Current Relationship Status

Shannen’s relationship status has garnered a lot of interest, especially following her messy divorce from Iswarienko. Though she hasn’t found a new partner yet, she shares a playful relationship with her long-time friend, Chris Cortazzo. They often joke on Instagram about being a married couple.

Reflections on Past Relationships

Shannen’s past marriages were brief. She was married to actor Ashley Hamilton from 1993 to 1994 and Rick Salomon from 2002 to 2003. Her recent divorce from Iswarienko, whom she was married to for 11 years, has been particularly painful, with allegations of cheating and betrayal.

Shannen disclosed that she found out about Iswarienko’s affair just before undergoing brain surgery, which was a deeply hurtful experience.

Finding Strength and Purpose

Despite these challenges, Shannen has found strength in her journey. She believes her public platform allows her to help others facing similar struggles. “I’m still here. This is my purpose in life. This is what God chose me for specifically,” she said, emphasizing that her battle with cancer has given her a sense of mission beyond acting.

Support from Friends

Shannen mentioned that her exes Rick Salomon and Rob Weiss are still supportive figures in her life. She praised Salomon for his loyalty despite his past struggles with addiction and described Weiss as “the one that got away” because they were so young when they were together.

Moving Forward

As Shannen continues to navigate her divorce and cancer treatments, she remains uncertain about her future in dating. “I don’t know where I am with dating,” she admitted. However, she has started to recover from the emotional turmoil of the past year and is focused on moving forward with strength and resilience.


Shannen Doherty’s journey through cancer and divorce has profoundly impacted her views on dating and relationships. Her openness about her struggles offers inspiration and hope to many who face similar challenges, showcasing her resilience and dedication to living life with purpose and authenticity.

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